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I have been asking for men's stories about their first remembered encounter with their male anatomy and their early sexual experiences. Here's a delightful one by my long-time friend, the artist Masami Teraoka. We have encountered Masami before on the Boyhood Memories blog, with his magical story of The Swallows. It's a special pleasure to welcome him again, because this memory asks us to give thought to fascinating cultural differences in the way we think about the human body. Those familiar with Masami's work will not be surprised in the story that follows by the frank observation of the vagina...

Masami Teraoka, Masturbation #5, 1974, watercolor on paper, 23 x 17-12 inches
private collection
... an observation which recurs with great frequency in his magnificent, sometimes delicate, often satirical, always culturally confrontational paintings. I have taken care, in posting this story, to allow Masami the privilege of his "accent."

By Masami Teraoka

My story is Peach and Mushroom story.

I grew up with my three sisters. We used to take a bath together from the childhood. The shape of the bath is like a big bowl where my three sisters sit in frnt of me, or rather surrounding my face with three peaches. My face that close. Because they were sitting in the bath tub in the water with widely open legs, I used to have vagina observaton time, the anatomically correct way to learn about the vagina.

So I used to see my sister’s vaginas right in front of me. However I looked at them they looked like soft pink peaches. So fascinating. Sometime the vaginas opened their peach-like mouths. I was a bit astonished, I recall. There was some pink space in there. Oh, wow, I said to my sisters. You have the peaches! My sisters said, Masami, you have a mushroom. Hahaha! Giggle giggle! 

Eventually we started growing. One day I discovered my sisters started to grow pubic hairs. Oh, wow! You have pubic hairs! Hahaha! My sisters said, You are teasing us but before you know you will grow them too. My family used to take a bath together with my parents, my grandpa and my aunt, until my sisters became highschool girls. I was still having bath with my aunt when I was perhaps 13 years old. 

Anyway my dad and mom never had taught us about sexuality, but we had enough chance to learn about our anatomy. Unlike Martel’s Ken Doll! Ken doll has anatomically incorrect shape penis. No wonder we are all screwed up about sexuality 101. No kidding. American girls and boys were not taught sexuality in correct perspective.

Aloha, Masami

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