Friday, August 19, 2016


... from a two-week trip to my native England, where I went to celebrate a big-number birthday with family who still live on that side of the pond: my older son, his wife, and their three children; one of my two nieces; and, with us from Los Angeles, my daughter, her boyfriend, and her young son. Only a bout with illness kept my younger son from flying over to join us from Iowa, where he lives.

All of my own stories which have appeared, or will appear in these pages are set in the country where I spent my young years; and I was reminded of many of them on this return to some of the territory of my youth. I confess I love the country still--particularly the countryside, the many beautiful villages, the farms...

the gardens...

... and the landscapes, the hedgerows, the green hillsides, the fields... (I will tell you one day my own memory of the Messerschmidt that crash-landed in a field not a quarter mile distant from our house.)

And the trees. The trees!

So many of them, everywhere. For a longtime resident of California, where trees seem by comparison dusty and sparse, the English trees are awesome, lush, magnificent, many of them ancient, huge, and green (except for the lovely copper beeches...) I still have these landscapes in my blood, and my heart sings as I travel through them.

I wish my nearly 5-year-old grandson, Luka, could write his boyhood memories now. Perhaps one day he will. He had such a great time, everywhere he went... The archetypal BOY!

So I'll be getting back to this blog in the next couple of days. Please bear in mind that readers' boyhood stories are welcome here. Writing them is a challenging exercise in self-awareness--and can be a pleasantly healing experience. You can send yours to me at the email address that's available if you click on the "complete profile" link in the top right hand column. I'll be happy to post them, with whatever attribution you desire--or none. If you come across a story, one day, that rings bells, it's only because we share so much experience in common. So... give it a thought.


  1. Absolutely lovely!! In every way. Was wondering, is this going to be boys only? I'd assume so since you didn't call it childhood moments. This isn't going to be a feminist rant. I'm not the type. Asking for two reasons: if, per chance, if was for girls too, I'd be looking for opps to join in. Your efforts are always intelligent. Second, if it's boys only, I applaud you and would support that with vigor. As the "only female in the house" for decades (3 children, 3 grandchildren...all males...and a husband), I can see how badly men need to find ways to integrate emotional intelligence into the rest of their makeup. The world has changed (duh). But I think it's been more difficult for men to find their way emotionally. It's as though women have had to learn to put up their dukes" to negotiate survival, and men are being told to "put their dukes down" because it no longer supports their best interests. Personally, I believe talking about "then" in order to navigate "the now" is really important in nurturing emotional intelligence.

    1. Thanks for this, Marie--and apologies for the delay in responding. Yes. it's boy's only, for all the reasons you so aptly surmise. I have worked quite intimately with men over the past two dozen years, and healing what ails us as a gender (and the world!) is something of a passion for me. I do appreciate your interest.